Currently, small business plays an important role in the development of the economy of Uzbekistan. The formation of small market structures in all sectors and spheres of the country's economy, without exception, corresponds to the world economic trends in economic processes, since in all countries of the world there are a very large number of small enterprises of a wide variety of profiles in almost all sectors.

         JSC "Uztrade" helps to expand the export potential of small businesses and private entrepreneurship by:
         - searching for potential buyers, preparing and concluding contracts, support of export operations, as well as obtaining the necessary licenses, certificates, other permits and fees required by the legislation of foreign countries;
         - conducting in-depth marketing research of foreign markets to study the current and prospective demand for them and identifying potential opportunities for exporting products manufactured by domestic small businesses and private entrepreneurship;
         - assisting in the participation of small businesses and private entrepreneurship in foreign tenders, exhibitions, fairs, etc.
        Today, the company has established long-term and trusting partnerships with such well-known brands as Artel, Uztex Group, Osiyo Batareya, Sam Antep Gilam, Artikul Aziya Kabel, Agromir Group, Rasuloc GI and many others.