The Republic of Uzbekistan has a highly developed metallurgical industry, which is based on the richest natural resources. Suffice it to say that Uzbekistan is on the fourth place in the world according to the explored reserves of gold and in the seventh place in its extraction, in the seventh place in terms of uranium reserves and on the eleventh or twelfth place in the world in copper reserves. The republic also has significant reserves of other metals, including precious metals and rare earths, such as silver, molybdenum, bismuth, tungsten, lithium and others. On the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a wide range of minerals has been identified, including about 100 types of mineral raw materials, of which 60 are already used in the national economy.

Nomenclature of export products:

precious metals (jewelry)
rare earth metals (molybdenum, tungsten, cadmium)
copper and copper products;
rolled ferrous metals;
strips and strips of brass;
steel grinding balls;
steel wire;
economical steel enamelled tableware