Uzbekistan and Russia plan to create a corridor to speed up the transportation of goods

April 5, 2021, 3:59

Uzbekistan and Russia are planning to create a special corridor to speed up the transportation of goods, the correspondent reports with reference to the words of the Director General of the “Russian Export Center” (REC) Veronika Nikishina.

"Logistics can create huge problems for the movement of goods, when you have all the terms of the deal, everything is negotiated, but you cannot deliver your product. Or it can become an investment for constant communication. The Russian Export Center over the past year formed at first in a pilot mode, and then put nine fast track corridors on a regular basis. Unfortunately, these are corridors with non-CIS countries", she noted during the INNOPROM exhibition in Tashkent.

According to Nikishina, thanks to the initiative of Deputy Prime Minister Sardor Umurzakov, a similar corridor is planned to be created between Russia and Uzbekistan.

"We are holding the first negotiations tomorrow, I am sure that this will be the beginning of a very short road to achieving success. We want to make a mutually beneficial corridor between Russia and Uzbekistan for the consolidation of goods in both directions, so that it really is an economically profitable supply of exports and imports," she stressed.

The head of the REC added that the parties will have to agree on the creation of wholesale distribution centers at convenient points on both sides of the corridor, preferential tariffication, and coordinated work of regulatory bodies - customs and veterinary and sanitary.

"These are absolutely solvable tasks, the main thing is that we have the will to solve them," she concluded.