At present, the production of building materials is one of the basic branches of the construction industry in Uzbekistan.

The achievements and opportunities of the construction complex in Uzbekistan can be judged by the growing volumes of construction of social and industrial facilities in recent years, the commissioning of new technologies for the production of building materials that meet the requirements of the world standard and quality, as well as the modernization of existing production facilities.

An important role in this sector of Uzbekistan's economy is assigned to Uzstroymaterialy Joint Stock Company, whose main task and scope is providing comprehensive technical, innovative, investment, economic and informational assistance to domestic manufacturers of construction products, based on attracting advanced world production technologies, modernization and development new productions, etc. Also, its functions include attracting both foreign and domestic investments to implement joint high-performance projects and productions.

At present, JSC "Uzstroymaterialy" unites over 110 enterprises of the construction industry, whose production range is more than 100 kinds.

Nomenclature of export products:

  • gypsum plasterboard sheets;
  • paints and varnishes;
  • metal tile;
  • Profiled sheeting;
  • ceramic tile;
  • aluminum doors and windows of various types;
  • cable-conductor products;
  • paving slabs, vibropress paving stones and curbs;
  • sandwich panels;
  • polyethylene pipes;
  • Portland cement;
  • lime;
  • gypsum;
  • marble;
  • granite;
  • dry mixes;
  • PVC panels;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • bricks fireproof;
  • crushed stone from dense rocks