The Strategy for the Development of Agriculture until 2031 was approved.

October 30, 2019, 12:44

The agricultural development strategy, approved by the president, aims by 2031 to create a favorable agribusiness climate and value chain, reduce the role of the state in the industry, and expand the use of scientific achievements and digital technologies.

The President of Uzbekistan, by a decree of October 23, approved the Strategy for the Development of Agriculture of Uzbekistan for 2020–2030.

The priority areas for the implementation of the strategy are identified, in particular, the development and implementation of the state policy on food security, including ensuring food safety and improving the diet, the production of food products in the required quantity.

To create a favorable agribusiness climate and value chain, market principles are envisaged for the purchase and sale of agricultural products, the development of a quality control infrastructure, export promotion, and the production of competitive agricultural products with high added value on international markets.

According to the strategy, the role of the state in the agricultural sector will gradually decrease. At the same time, it is planned to increase the investment attractiveness of the industry with an increase in the flow of private capital to modernize, diversify and support the stable growth of the agri-food sector.

The system of rational use of natural resources and environmental protection will be improved, and rural development programs will be implemented. The document focuses on the development of science, education, information and advisory services for agriculture.

The strategy provides for increased efficiency and phased redistribution of government spending - sectoral programs will be developed to increase labor productivity on farms, improve product quality and create high benefit.

It is planned to create a transparent system of industry statistics, providing for the implementation of reliable methods for collecting, analyzing and disseminating statistical data using digital technologies.

The decree approved the composition of the coordination council for the implementation of the strategy, the working body of which is determined by the Ministry of Agriculture, and the head is the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan.

The Council was entrusted with organizing a full, timely and high-quality implementation of the strategy, as well as conducting continuous monitoring of the achievement of the established indicators.

In addition, in a month's time, permanent working groups will be formed for each main area of ​​the strategy, including, inter alia, foreign experts.

 Annually, before December 1, a draft presidential resolution will be submitted to the Presidential Administration of Uzbekistan for approval with a program of measures to implement the strategy for next year;

By decree, the Agency for the Implementation of Projects in the Field of Agriculture and Food Supply, established in 2018, is transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture with the preservation of existing investment projects, project implementation groups, as well as rights, obligations and agreements.

The development of the strategy was announced in September by the press service of the President of Uzbekistan. It was expected that the document will include a complete update of the legislation to ensure transparency of the land allotment system, its inviolability and guaranteed protection of land rights, a complete inventory of land until 2022, an increase in the export potential of the sector, the introduction of a certification system for products according to international standards, digital and water-saving technologies, and full completion Until the end of 2020, space sensing of land.

In the process of public discussion of the strategy, Minister of Agriculture Jamshid Khodjaev spoke in detail about its relevance and targets. The document was also supported by the World Bank, the coordinator of the WB agricultural program in Central Asia, Sergiy Zorya, wrote for that if the strategy is adopted in the version under discussion, then the interests of the farmer and not the state will be at the forefront. The Ministry of Agriculture specialist Mansurzhon Rasulev and the head of the Mevali Group agricultural company Mansur Rakhimov also spoke about the planned agricultural reform.